The saga of video conferencing for the assisted living application at output42 goes on. We found out from a nice chap at ooVoo yesterday that they don’t actually have an API, well to be more accurate we should not have been able to find their API. Odd that since when googling “oovoo API” it takes you straight here , a set of developer pages with an API download, sample app and the like. It seems that these pages exist but are not browseable to from the main website. If they don’t want to have folks fool around with their API then they should do the decent thing and take down the related pages.

A little more clarification required, to be continued ….

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7 Responses to ooVoo has an API … but then again it doesen’t

  1. ooVoo says:

    I really like using ooVoo on my Windows computer. This video chatting software offers an excellent video quality and the sound is also excellent. ooVoo has a very nice interface which is very simple to be used.

  2. Nicole says:

    Hi Steve, did you have any luck to find something ?

    I just found the same, and the , but unfortunately there is no possibility to find any information about public documentation (and the links are dead…), and client API, technology used, etc.

    If you have found something about it, it would be from great help!


  3. Steve Crabb says:

    Hi Nicole

    We have had a reply on the ooVoo forum to say that the API is no longer supported, so I guess that is it for ooVoo and developers. We have been asked by oovoo to contact them if we have an ongoing project so we will see what comes of that. I’ll keep posting progress here.


  4. Nicole says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thank You very much for a quick response!

    Maybe You could help me. I need information about how ooVoo client is build, how is it working, connections, protocols, etc. Do You know who I can turn to ? Do You have maybe some email from ooVoo from the person who can respond to my questions ? I really search Internet and their website in detail, but it is not possible to find any of those informations. Thank You once more!

  5. Steve Crabb says:

    Hi Nicole,

    The only response we got was from the oovoo support forum and that was to say the API is no longer supported. We did get an automated mail from their business team saying they would be happy to talk to us, but we took the decision that if they don’t officially support an API we cannot seriously consider it as a contender for us to develop with. As you will see from my next post, we have been acceted to the Skypekit beta program so I suspect that that is a better bet. Keep us updated on your progress.


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  7. Mike Lee says:

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