Output42 is developing an application in the sphere of assisted living, aiming to help those with Dementia, Alzheimers and similar mental impairments. A feature of this app is extremely simple video conferencing and the ability to make calls out to landlines. Skype has an API that is usable only for voice calls, SkypKit Beta is not  easily available and certainly it would seem not to a precocious upstart like output42. So what to do? We have currently implemented a solution from wowza which works well over broadband but has latency issues and requires the latest Flashplayer Beta to overcome echo problems, but it works and we are grateful. Other issues are that there is no land line calling and it is only available to be installed in a web client, we overcome this by embedding a browser in the app, messy, but for a prototype acceptable.

Recently we have stumbled upon ooVoo. Its a skype-a-like app that has really good fast free 1 to 1 video conferencing and has what looks like a very usable developer API, both for web and windows. It claims to have a million users currently so its are not going to fold overnight, we hope…

So off we go down the road with ooVoo, wish us luck and if anyone out there has a “why dont you use this instead” moment, share it please and we will try it.


2 Responses to Long live ooVoo – may its API be with us

  1. Steve, I forgot to tell you, that Flash 10.3 was released about week ago, so no beta version needed any more.

  2. Steve Crabb says:

    Good news Michal, thanks for the info, makes installation a lot less painful.